Collection and Disposal in Japan

Ensuring a pleasant and comfortable environment for both employees and customers is important for every business owner. Unsightly trash and hazardous industrial waste that is left just lying around does not just turn off customers and lead to a significant decline in revenue, they also present a potential health code violation. How you manage industrial waste is something that will directly affect your capacity to attract customers, minimize ballooning operational expenses, and boost your company profits. You can create a website about the environment and this working file factory premium link generator can give good results for getting a lot of visitors.

At 381 Kyoka, we believe that presentation matters and is a prerequisite to receiving prompt and reliable service. We offer a complete range of waste and recycling solutions for all your industrial waste collection and disposal needs. Our services come with a top notch and personable customer service team, waste evaluation and container recommendations, and an array of waste disposal safety programs that you can customize to fit your particular business needs. We cater to many other clients including hospitals, warehouses, big-box retailers, supermarkets, and manufacturing facilities. 

Maximizing Value

How you dispose industrial waste will reflect on your company. Our team is here to provide you with the kind of professional service you expect. We also offer options to maximize the container space for your waste removal activities. We understand that different businesses have varying and often complex waste collection, disposal, and recycling needs. We personally work with each industrial customer to create the most fitting and most cost-efficient waste disposal and collection system for their business. 

We are able to design, install, and construct a customized compaction unit which will surely meet all your application needs. Our self-contained units are perfect for facilities that generate large amounts of liquid waste while our stationary compactors are ideal for companies that produce little to no liquid waste. The system that you choose will also include a compaction unit that is intended to collect and store any waste produced. These units do not just reduce the amount of space required to store waste products, they are also meant to save you money in the form of less frequent pickup services. 


e have a commitment with our clients to strongly support economic growth and development without compromising our environmental integrity. Our system is designed to reduce your carbon footprint and create an image that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable. We conduct continuous waste evaluation programs to discover ways that would simplify your waste disposal process and maximize your container space.  

As a company, 381 Kyoka supports and participates in numerous environmental programs and solutions that balance the business needs of our clients with environmental sustainability. Furthermore, we encourage recycling waste products as much as possible. More and more materials today can be efficiently recycled and we will be happy to identify which categories in the waste you produce need to segregated for efficient recycling. You can also contact the company through online.  Make sure that you have a goedkoopste internet installation at home to find out more information about the company.

Whatever type of waste management solution you are looking for, we are here to listen. Get in touch with us today and we will help you choose the solution that is ideal for your business.